Monday, August 15, 2016

All Wrapped Up

Your living room is decorated just as you want it.  The custom pillows are placed just so.  It all looks gorgeous and not another thing is needed …. until the holidays roll around or you have a big Game Day party coming up.  You want to dress things up for the season BUT the swapping out of pillows and putting away again can be so tedious.  I have a great solution.  

Pillow Wraps!  Have you seen these before?  I spotted decorative pillow wraps at a market a while ago and put them on my list to design a calicodaisy handmade line. This summer, I put in the time in and designed a pillow wrap I would love to have and embroidered out a number of personalized and seasonal options to get started showing them off.  

First and foremost, the wrap itself is a beautiful small piece of handmade art.  Think of it as jewelry for your existing pillows.  The wrap is tailored to fit a pillow and not slip, reversible so any side can be front and center, and is a continuous band with no messy velcro to grab at your furniture upholstery and gather threads and no snaps or buttons that kids or pets can fiddle with.   

Reversible and pretty all the way around.  The band looks great with the embroidered design showing and equally lovely turned this way or that, inside or out, offering a color-block option when you want to keep things simple.  

Customizable.  Just as for my custom pillow covers, you can choose nearly any color set you like for your pillow wrap - in general, as I like to say.  Show me the color you would like and I’ll do my best to coordinate.  Petite piping would be very sweet added around the edge of the wrap.   

Washable.  Always a good feature.  

The first set of pillow bands are listed in the calicodaisy shop.  I can’t wait to see where client requests and suggestions lead for this new line.   

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