Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Year! New Product Line! New Opportunities!

Recently, I've been trying to figure out how to increase my product line and business without, you know, working so hard! Two businesses - each using one side of the brain - analytical and creative - is sometimes exhilarating but often exhausting. I'm always pulled each day trying to decide which to do first, which to increase, which to spend more of my energy on. However, my transcription is the bird in the hand, and I have honed that skill for the past 15 years. Hold on…. 15 years! Wow. So, the answer generally is, "Get your transcription work done!" Plus, it's on a deadline. Also, recently, I have turned down a bit of business on the creative end because I've had requests for embroidery projects I really can't do on my sewing/embroidery machine such as embroidering Vera Bradley type bags, getting into tight pockets on totes, and even a big job like embroidering uniform clothing for a new construction team. My dilemma has been whether to go ahead and buy the next level of embroidery machine, a small version of the one you might find in an embroidery shop, which could do heavy-duty work and get into small spaces. If I did that, though, I would feel the need to actively look for business, and that would definitely change the flavor of what I have going on now.

The other day, as I was pulling out of Wendy's with my Biggie Diet Coke Light Ice (those of you who know me well know my song), an SUV pulled up next to me with a very interesting sticker advertising her company. I wrote down the address on my Wendy's napkin and promptly forgot about it when the light changed. A couple days later, as I was pulling out of Wendy's with my Biggie Diet Coke Light Ice, I had a déjà-vu moment. I reached into my bag, found the napkin, and kept it in my hand all the way home. When I looked up the website, I had a very big feeling that this was just what I was looking for.

I am happy to report that I signed up with Initials, Inc., to be a creative partner offering their excellent monogrammed goods. Now, calicodaisy is a trendy, one-stop-shop boutique for all your girly, sassy, baby, kiddie, hubby, MONOGRAMMED SLIVER JEWELRY (think "Handpicked," you South Carolina girls), stationary, glassware, sorority, trendy desires! I am so happy to have found them. It's the best answer: I have access to what is trendy, as well as items I could never produce, but I don't have to sew 100 of the same items or have inventory on hand or get it straight on the machine or stress over the right thread color choices! They do all the creating and you do all the choosing!

Of course, I will still be sewing and embroidering my custom orders for everything I have done in the past, but now I can concentrate on honing higher home dec skills and offer so much more. If I can't make or embroider something in particular, I will have a source that can.

Please check out the link to the Initials-Inc catalog I have for you up there on the left sidebar. Let me know what you think about the products and leave a comment below, too. The business is set up for home parties and catalog sales - you know, the party plan, but, as I'm a web based businesswoman, I plan to concentrate on catalog sales and orders by phone and, when I have a little office/showroom completed in an extra room we have to show all my finished products, I can have open houses here every so often. However, should you long to have a party at your home - here in the Columbia area - or have a catalog show so you can earn hostess gifts, etc., please e-mail me and let me know. There are really great incentives for going that route as well.

My fingers are tired - I've been transcribing all day - and my mind is spinning with new plans, so I should sign off. Thanks for following my narrative to the end. I hope to hear from you soon. --- Michele


Anonymous said...

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Michelle Frae Cummings said...

good luck with the new venue! It looks totally fun and all the stuff in there is so yummy!

Jana Nielson said...

I enjoyed reading your blog, and I love your bags!

kecia deveney said...

congrats - that is quite exciting! glad you stopped by my blog. i enjoyed reading yours.
xoxo kEcIa