Monday, May 26, 2008

Embroidered Button Swap - May 2008

Personally, I think I might have cheated. Technically, maybe not. Michelle did say "whatever you want" in terms of how to embroider our buttons. You should know, though, that since March I did try a number of times to draw out and embroider tiny sweet animals, and I spent a teeny fortune on cards, scrapbook paper, fabric, wrapping paper, etc., trying to draw something cute, but I was never satisfied, and then the due date was upon me. So, I used what I had - my embroidery machine and sweet, sweet inch-tall animals for Michelle's Embroidered Button Swap.

I've already shown I can hand embroider okay - these were my last entry, so, hopefully, the clarity and darlingness of these button designs will pass this entry. Next time, I'll get a friend to draw out my designs if I can't do it…

If you go to Michelle's blog and look on the left column, you'll see all the participants. I haven't seen everyone else's yet, but check out Elizabeth's whale buttons; they'll make you crazy. I put in a request for one of those!

And these buttons magnets (above) are from Jack and Jane's etsy shop. They weren't in the swap, but I happened to see them on etsy when viewing other South Carolina vendors. They are so darling. I love that fabric.

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