Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July! and June Swaps

Happy Fourth! We are having a quiet day here and enjoying it. I'm so glad this holiday makes a three-day weekend. It gives me a chance to go a different pace with my deadlines and poke around my desk and computer while I work.
Mee Crafty Doll Swap

Doll Swap Mosaic

I participated in a couple of swaps in June and now am able to post my photos. First, Chloe at Mee Crafty held her first swap, which was a doll swap. I'm not generally a doll or softie maker, but seeing the work so many have put out, I thought I would go with this kitty pattern I have had for a couple of years. Actually, it is to be made in a more Folk Art - Americana type fashion, which I have made before. I thought this one came out pretty sweet in her bright calicos. She went to Jacqui in England. Kind of fun to have my creations out and about in the world.
Sweet Goodness Swaps - Pararsols, Pink Lemonade, and Polka Dot Swap
Parasols, Pink Lemonade, and Polka Dot Swap
The second swap was the Sweet Goodness Swaps - Parasols, Pink Lemonade, and Polka-Dot swap. We were to include the above. I found a beach bag at Michael's Crafts with parasols/umbrellas, embroidered a beach towel, and make a wristlet that includes some polka-dots within the design. I also included some summery scrapbook stickers and pink lemonade mix. This package went out to Jenn in Massachusetts. I hope she enjoys it at the shore eating some fried clams in a box - well, that is what I always enjoyed eating on the Massachusetts shore when we lived in the Boston area.

What do you think about the custom wristlet? I think the font looks really great. You can find one in my calicodaisy etsy shop if you have to have one for yourself!


Paula said...

Your little kitty doll turned out really cute. Fun that it went to England. I just had a set of baby blocks go to Australia and had the same thought that my stuff is traveling the world.

Yep, Jenn's going to love that swap package. Great wristlet bag!

Anonymous said...

I love the kitty... so cute. And Jenn is one lucky lady!x

oliver rain said...

You have such a great eye for mixing patterns & colours. I love the kitty.