Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Baby Bundle, and My Baby Called!


(Hey! Sorry if you see this twice. I edited something here and hit "draft" instead of "publish," and I think blogger will re-release the posting as new.)

Just as I was preparing to post, my son called from Germany. Here is one photo of the 400 that he has taken but is unable to download to his host's computer due to the internet connection. He has no caption, but this must be near the village he is staying in. Calls to Germany are so clear. He bought a "handi phone" -- cell phone for us -- to keep in touch locally. He has traveled to both Berlin and Dresden by train ALONE, though he told me that his host called him often to make sure he was okay. I love her and appreciate her already! Dresden was a four hour train trip there and back, and he did it all in one day.

Layette Set

In between different out-of-the-house project work I've been doing, I've been sewing as well. A friend of mine has two showers coming up, and I have one this weekend, so I put together these layette sets for the new mamas and babies. You can see closeups on my calicodaisy flickr page.

Layette Set

Also, midnight, June 12, begins the final etsy showcase I signed up for. For 24 hours, I am in the "bags and purses" showcase. Just look on the main etsy page, choose the showcases block right under the main heading, and then find your way to the "bags and purses" section, and you'll see all the folks who bought spots for the day.

Black and White Toile Bag

I think it's worth it just for the exposure. In selling, experience says one sale for 100 "no's." So out of every 100 visitors, one may find the perfect item in my calicodaisy shop. You can see I'm working on finding interesting venues to take photos, as above. I thought the bunch looked good through my lens, but on the computer now, I'm not so sure, especially because of the Georgia red clay stained driveway in the background -- I didn't even notice it at the time. This one is pretty good of a black and white toile buttercup bag I have listed in my shop, but I still have a lot to learn about staging.

One more thing, please stop by my blog friend's site, Michelle's Musings, and see today's posting. She sent me solid fabrics for some special quilts she had planned. I machine embroidered the squares with her choice of design, and now she is showing off her beautiful work today. I'm so happy to be part of another crafter's project. I think it makes my embroidery work all that more special to be included.


Emily said...

Love the layettes! I'm sure the lucky mommas you're giving them to will really appreciate them.

The Blonde Duck said...

What wonderful items! I hope you sell a lot!