Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Gentle, But Very Important, Reminder

Oh, friends.  I just received the most shocking news.  This is the part of reaching the middle years of life that's worrisome to me.  A neighborhood friend, a beautiful woman of 51, passed away in her bed Tuesday evening of a heart attack.  I remember Tuesday evening; I was blogging on the couch watching the news.  I understand that earlier in the day after exercising, she called her husband to say she didn't feel well.  He told her to stop and get rest and see the physician before she exercised anymore.  I can only imagine that, as a woman, mom, wife, busy, healthy person, she thought it would pass.  That evening, she went to bed early.  Her husband fell asleep on the couch for a bit and then woke and went to the bedroom to find she had passed away. 

Julie wasn't my close friend, more of an acquaintance, but we used to attend the same church and waved when we passed on the road.  She was very quiet and obviously loved by many.  Her boys are marvelous.  It is because of her husband we found our great home+apartment seven years ago when looking for a place to live with my grandmother.  She leaves two sons, the same ages as my children, and a lovely husband.  Our hearts are weary for those three men. 

So, ladies, the gentle reminder what we already know but just forget to take seriously for ourselves:  Heart Health!  Let's take good care of bodies and hearts - for ourselves and for our husbands and children -- and be sensitive to what our bodies are telling us.  If you feel particularly strange or have palpitations or your girlfriend tells you see is having such odd symptoms, GET A FAMILY MEMBER OR FRIEND and go your physician's office or to the ER that very day. 

Please send a little prayer over to South Carolina that this family may feel the Lord's comfort and grace.   


Unknown said...

Hi Michele,
Prayers for the hubby and sons of your neighbor! May God send them his healing grace.
It is scary for real. I just don't know what to say. Today I saw on the news that a lady celebrated her 107th birthday here in Philly and she is getting around; has total recall of days gone by and is up on all the current events and such. Her 80 yo daughter and she are the last of her family! So I'm all for celebrating life and am hoping I can celebrate my 107th birthday. Still in the midst of life, we are in death...can't remember who said that...LOL! What are the odds that I'll live that long and remember at least half of what I need to.
Anyhoo, take care and big hugz

The Blonde Duck said...

That poor family. My heart goes out to them.

Jami said...

Michele, this is indeed sad news and does hit close to home when we're talking age groups...ouch. Saying a prayer for those left behind today.