Thursday, February 24, 2011

Labeling Myself

The past couple of months have been full of new ideas and organizing the old ones. You wouldn't believe the progress made in the studio apartment since January. I've gone about out that plan for years(!) now, but, finally, with the help of a couple of great friends, things are slowly coming together. I think the guy at the local thrift shop gets nervous when he sees my car pulling in -- again! However, no photos until it's done, maybe a couple more months. 
The calicodaisy etsy shop has been buzzing with custom orders for monogrammed pillow covers. Looks like the initial-only monogrammed pillow covers are the new trend. Other than finding great fonts in large sizes to embroider out, one letter makes the job very easy. 
What do you think about my new shop and avatar logo for calicodaisy etsy? I've been following Ink Obsessions for more than a year trying to come up with a design for the brand. None of my specific ideas have been really perfect yet, but Erin creates shop and blog graphic sets through her Erin Bradley Designs etsy shop, and I found the design above which seems just right for the shop and avatar appearance. 

Now that that's settled, I need a new fabric label design. I can go with the design at the top of the post, as Erin has an M2M service for made to match graphics in proper sizes for labels, stickers, etc. My problem is that both "calicodaisy handmade" and "" are long URL names to use on a label, and I feel like I need the ".com" address on the label so folks can find me online. I can add ".com" on the square logo somehow, but in my mind's eye, I worry that it is too heavy and ruins the pretty little square. 

I've been reading a lot of "the art of business" information lately. My head is full, but I'm trying to take one idea at a time. It seems to me that I need to figure out another URL to shorten my ".com" address and tie the two addresses to the designed website I already have (just what I need -- to own another url address). Last year I thought of using CDH dot com – for calicodaisy handmade, however, a consulting group has that one. Thinking on it, I could add a word right after CDH that means something to the business, like cdhsews dot com. If that turns out to be a good idea, my logo could be something like CDH with a whimsical flower superimposed over or around the letters and the shortened URL right underneath, and that might pull everything together. 

Do you have any ideas for me? Does a better short word come to mind to add right after CDH? 


~Michelle~ said...

what about putting ".com" on the right side of the words in the square logo? and maybe in a slightly darker, more blendy font color?

Finding Pam said...

Congratulations for getting all of your hamdmade beauties organized. I look forward to seeing your new work space.

Why don't you make in a smaller letters to fit the tag. I would like to see you use the same tags and co-ordinating it together.

Unknown said...

Awesome label! congrats on getting your work out there and making your label. Do you hand out business cards with your site; why not add that to your label and your site will always be handy!


sarah - dodeline design said...

Hi there! I so understand how overwhelming it gets to try to organize your business and keep it all cohesive. I had to restrain myself from changing it all over the weekend lol. Sometimes we're so critical of ourselves when really we shouldn't be :-)

I like your direction, and I really love the monogram pillows too!

Chris said...

What about just using