Monday, June 20, 2011

Costa Rica Missions - Helping Some Friends

Blog friends:  I couldn't figure out how to post this on my personal FB page, so the next best thing was the blog.  Of course, feel free to participate, but mostly I am posting here so the parents of the teens going on the missions trip have a spot to link their contacts. 

A little calicodaisy handmade fundraiser for my young friends, Taylor and Anna, who are off to Costa Rica on a missions trip to help spread the Good News teaching the Bible in Costa Rican public schools and minister to children through all sorts of activities. They've done loads of fundraising with the help of their parents, but now we're hoping to top off the remaining balance, so all they'll have left to do is pack!

Because everything is handmade by yours truly, we have to keep it simple! I'm sticking to embroidered initial / monogrammed pillow covers, because they are squares and I can move through them fairly quickly.

There are four sizes listed: 12" square, 14" square, 16" square, 18" square. 

All calicodaisy handmade shop pillow cover sales using the coupon code TAYLORANNA2011 will glean the girls 25% of the proceeds plus give YOU free 1st class shipping in the US. It's a deal all around! 

50 sales at the 14" size should do the trick. 

Please do not use the coupon code for anything else in the shop.  Because my work is labor intensive, I can't help the girls with any other product but the Letter - Initial It pillow covers.  So, if you do use the coupon code on any other product, I'll just send you a little message, so we can straighten things out. 

Because I'm just one person, it is a first-ordered, first-scheduled process! Right now, I've got about a 2.5-week turnaround, but that may increase based on the response. When you order, I'll give you a send-out date with a request for a little grace time should this be a wildly popular campaign. 

Be sure to Be A Fan and "like" the calicodaisy handmade FB fanpage, and you can keep up with our progress.  

If you have any questions, please contact me through the calicodaisy FB page, the calicodaisy etsy shop, or the girls' parents.  

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