Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Holiday Rush Begins ...

... and I haven't even started decorating for fall yet!  Hello, blogworld.  I miss you.  Two things keep me from spending time here:  1)  Studio and transcription work are steady, steady.  Thank the Lord!  2)  Due to #1, I am behind in my One Block Over blocks and just cannot allow myself the pleasure of blogging about anything until that commitment is fulfilled!  I'm really strict about those things, and I have to tow my own line!  I've only just finished June, so ...
You can see my progress at my OBO Flickr set.  The ladies have had some fantastic ideas, the latest being the light/dark block for June. 

I do have so much to chat about, including going to The Country Living Fair in Atlanta last month.  Alas, that's nearly old news now, but it was so nice and fun to meet and greet folks we craft bloggers know from our little world.  LOVED the Earth Angels tent. 

Well, I must keep my promise and use my free time to sew blocks.  I nearly have Love in the Mist complete.  Straightening the half-square triangles is giving my eyes lots of exercise! 

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Rachaeldaisy said...

I LOVE your house block!!!