Sunday, September 9, 2012

Heather Ross Lightning Bugs Happy Camper Fabric Find

A friend recently introduced me to a South Carolina fabric mill that has sales for the public every so often.  Yesterday was my second visit to load up on the twills that I use to create pillow covers in the calicodaisy shop.  

As I was passing by the quilting fabric section, what did I see?  A bolt of Heather Ross Lightning Bug fabric.  Though a fan of her designs and the darling quilts and items I've seen made with her fabric lines, I've never ordered any, as by the time I think of something to create with it, generally the fabric is already sold out.  
Anyway, immediately I gave my daughter a call and had her google the line:  Heather Ross Lightning Bugs and Other Mysteries - Happy Camper Vans in blue.  We discovered that it is out of print, so I purchased the five yards on the bolt.  

Last evening, I spent some time researching the prices.  Craziness.  I asked advice from a couple of quilting blog friends and a vendor I purchase from regularly, and they were kind enough to reply.  One suggested ebay, but I know I would be obsessed with watching the auction, so I listed the fabric in the calicodaisy etsy shop in both half-yard increments and FQs.  The FQs are a little below the going rate, so the option is more affordable to someone who wants just a bit more.  

With two kids in college and the tuition bills to go with it, this Heather Ross fabric might prove to be a good find.  Please tell your friends who love some Heather Ross.  

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Big Dreams Embroidery said...

Fabulous fabric, Michele! Congratulations on your amazing "find"!