Monday, March 11, 2013

calicodaisy on the porch!

Just in time for new spring decor, there's an outdoor fabrics option at the calicodaisy shop both with and without embroidery.  The range of outdoor fabrics is nearly as marvelous as inside home decor.  Shown here is the classic calicodaisy look in solid shades of outdoor canvas.  

Outside of choosing solids for pillow covers, custom orders will require the client to choose fabrics from online shops, send me the link of fabric desired, and then we will go from there.  With embroidery, without embroidery, piping, no piping, zippered closure ... etc.  There are a number of factors to take into consideration regarding the outdoor decor options.  

Regarding embroidery on outdoor fabrics, there is a brand of embroidery thread that touts "colorfast and fade resistant."  I can't guarantee the strength and length of that promise, but I imagine those who put the investment into an embroidered item for outdoor decor most likely plan to keep that item in a covered area.  I'm looking forward to finding what new ideas come my way by client request!  

Due to marvelous sales this early 2013 and the need for a good spring cleaning around the house and studio, the calicodaisy shop is on hiatus this week until Thursday or Friday.  I am here working and available through shop convos and through e-mail, so if you have a pressing idea or want to get an order started in the next few days, just contact me either way, and I'll be in touch.  Please stop by the calicodaisy FB page to keep up with new happenings around here and to contact me as well.  

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