Wednesday, October 2, 2013

piping and zippers

Early this summer, I met Daniela of Aesthetic Oiseau, an interior design blog. Lovely style!  She sent a client project my way for custom bedding and an appliqued pillow cover.  Boy, she pushed me outside my comfort zone.  The bedding included a duvet cover with piping with a buttoned panel to close as well as standard pillow shams, two-sided, with piping AND hidden zippers.  Piping and zippers, piping and zippers - together in the same seam!  
My skill set had sort of peaked at handmade piping and envelope backs on my pillow covers, but the need to step it up had arrived.  Thanks to a google search and a good tutorial by I Can Sew Kauai, five pillow shams later, I've got it down.  How I love all the bloggers willing to share.  Do you know a tutorial that explains sewing piping on with the serger so the edges are bound?  Next skill to check off the list. 
In other "The Monday Market" news, an Ultimate Carry All from my new product line arrived today.  This is a big basket type tote sized at 21" x 10.5" x 11".  Such a reasonable price, too, at $34.95, plus shipping.  A fun design option is the snap-on exchangeable panel on the front. You can personalize the panels as you like. "The Monday Market" is embroidered on this matching chevron panel, and I ordered a second panel in solid black which is waiting for a holiday design with plans to snap it on at Christmas when toting around holiday treats and gifts.  Today while carrying the tote around to show off to friends, it occurred to me that it's a good size to keep in the back of the car to hold groceries so they don't roll around.  

The other blog tutorial I need is "how to upload your csv file of products to your web shop!" Actually, those exist, but I still don't understand, so I'm off to a web design guy who has agreed to teach me on Thursday.  There's a possibility my product line will be uploaded by the weekend.  Until then, though, take a look through The Monday Market catalog at the link, and orders can be taken by e-mail at  

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Michele said...

When I put a dipper in a pillow I use an invisible zipper. I've piped pillows before but never with a zipper. I'll have to give this a try using a regular zipper. Yours look fabulous!