Friday, April 15, 2016


Week Two of the ORC and my studio office makeover has passed with good momentum.  The room is cleared out and the walls are freshly painted Sherwin Williams Snowbound.  Wow!  I haven't had white walls in a room for at least 20 years.  See Week One to check out the blue walls I loved for eight years.  

There have been happy successes – painted room, bamboo blinds purchased, portable backdrop wall found for a deal, valance fabric and style decided, the gorgeous slip cover for the bench sewn. 

There are some frustrations, too – I don't really care for the paint color even after researching my choice for ages before ordering.  There is just a touch of gray to the white, but I feel like the walls look dirty.  My assistant, Lillian, (who sewed that gorgeous pleated cover!) encouraged me to hold out on my concern until we have the place staged, but I long to get on with a crisp white or maybe the creamy Cream Delight shade I have upstairs. 

The fencing backdrop wall is a fail! My cropped photos have the look of being in an old cabin or the backyard.  Not what I expected in the eye of the camera.  The inspiration wall included in my design board is a planked wall painted different hues.  I thought about applying a whitewash or gray wash to the fencing, but I want to go a more refined direction.  After thinking on it for a while, I slipped in a piece of beadboard I have on hand for shoots, and that totally changes the view and works out lovely.  

So, success and frustration but still moving forward. 

My List: 

1.  Paint the walls

2.  Create a SECOND portable backdrop wall with the beadboard.  First one failed

3.  Bamboo window blinds. 

4.  Monogrammed valences. 

5.  Stage white cabinets. 

6.  Slip cover for bench

7.  Skirts for bamboo chairs. 

8.  Decorative rug. 

9.  Lighting. 

10.  Artwork and accessories. 

Next week, I'm headed out to Nashville with a BFF to attend the Spring Country Living Fair.  I may have to double up Weeks Three and Four when I return home as there is loads of work to accomplish before heading out for a week of fun and relaxation.  

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Amy Jo said...

Love the slip cover, very cute. Are you going to do the horizontal wall treatment? That is eye catching.