Saturday, August 25, 2007

Basket Liners

Have you been to a Longaberger basket party before? Such beautiful baskets with a million reasons to have them all over the house and then lined with the lovely fabrics they offer. I have purchased a few over the years as well as the liners and garters; I love textiles, so I had to have them. I found a company, though, that has basket liner patterns for nearly every basket style, AND they are REVERSIBLE! Great, huh? Obviously, perfect for matching in your home dec department. One side could match the home decor and the other might be a holiday print, or a winter to summer theme. Pictured are my two favorite baskets - the round darning basket and the medium market basket. See how perfect the liners fit, and then you can see how nicely they reverse.

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Anonymous said...

Have you ran across any patterns for a bicycle basket. My bike has a basket that measures L 14.5 , w 12, H 9.5?