Monday, August 20, 2007

Sweet, sweet baby shoes!

Back to blogging again. My computer died in July and there were all sorts of activities and business going on for the past month, so I had to put aside my creative endeavors. However, I was blogging on other sites this weekend and came across something I have never noticed before -- handmade (sewn and embroidered, too) baby shoes! I fell in love with the felted wool patterns, but I didn't have any wool last night, so I found a way to make a pair with soft flannel and canvas soles. And, of course, a bib because it has to be a set. I can't wait to make more. They were so easy and gave me instant gratification. Tell your friends who are new moms or need sweet gifts for baby. We can customize a set to match an outfit or just embroider an initial on the toe, etc.


Anonymous said...

cute Michele! - Hannah

Deb said...

Those shoes are just the cutest little things!!!