Saturday, February 9, 2008

My Art Out In The World!

Here is the result of my participation in the January Inchie Swap hosted by Joanne. Mine is the one on the bottom left with the little button. Below you'll see all the inchies I made for the swap. I sent 8, and Joanne sent back 8, including one from each participant, all mounted on a pretty little card she made. The picture above is actually the one Joanne posted on her site. Click on it and see it up close.
Joanne lives in England, and it seems like a lot of the participants live there or in Europe, so my art is out in the world now! It's fun to think that what I've created has landed up in places I may never visit. Look at the detail one can get in an inch. It's hard to believe that those squares are truly so small.

So, go by Joanne's blog, Made By Joanne, and see all the cards and paper art she creates. She also knits and gets some great yarns. Maybe you will challenged to participate in one of her inchie swaps.


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Everything looks so wonderful! The Valentine swaps you sent as well as the one you received, super! My favorite is the inchy swap. They are adorable!!!!! Thanks for visiting me.

Unknown said...

thanks for linking me. all your swaps look great.
it is funny to think of your art being all over the world in countries you'll never visit and with people you'll never meet.
as you know the swap is open to everyone so I appreciate the "advertising"

Anonymous said...

Very nice squares, I am working on some just now! Thank you for visiting me!