Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Best Creative Designs

Here are my best design products - my kids. MJC, 18, and CCC, 15, at the Mock Trial Regional Event on Saturday. This is our fourth year in the mock trial program, and my son has loved it! This is my daughter's first year. MJC won "Most Effective Attorney" both rounds! He was the prosecution and had closing arguments and did a great job. We are so proud of him! CCC was a wonderful witness. She is just so calm on stage and managed beautifully for her first time.

Here are some shots of the whole team and the lawyer coach. He has devoted countless hours over the years to our kids! We are very thankful for him and for the teachers at our high school who sponsor the team. Outside of their regular jobs, these professionals spend a great deal of time - approximately six months a school year -- working with the team.

Don't these students look magnificent?!! When you see them perform, thinking on their feet, knowing state law and quoting it during rounds, you wouldn't really believe that they were high school students if you didn't already know it!

Definitely, if your school has a mock trial program, consider getting your kids involved. No matter what type of student your child is, he/she can excel. There are so many possibilities. The fact that they learn a case and the law that goes with it, learn their particular part and the rules that go with that, and then have to perform against another school and be prepared to follow a completely different take on the subject and stay on track is magnificent! They are polished, thinking on their feet, dedicated to the subject, and an integral part of a team. It's very exciting and very rewarding!


Leslie said...

I know you must be one proud mama. The middle school where I work has a mock team and the kids love it.

Chris Worthy said...

That is wonderful. I am an inactive member of the bar (I made my license inactive when I became a stay at home mom) and I am very proud of the SC Bar's support of that program. And you should be especially proud of those great kids of yours!
Oh the Richland County Judicial Center -- that picture makes me nostalgic. :)(Just a little!)

Green Kitchen said...

At first I thought your kids were uber hip with their black outfits and confidence. Now I know they're really cool smart kids with confidence -- even better!