Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Lovely Surprise

"waiting sarah"
** please read my 06/17/08 posting below and help me decide **
** what I should use as a giveaway for my first blog anniversary **
"You WIN!" This was the surprising message I received last week from Lorajean. She pulled my name from the hat for her 150th posting giveaway, and I was able to choose some of her artwork. I fell in love with "Waiting Sarah," an original acrylic painting by Lorajean. Sarah is no longer waiting but is home with me. I'm looking forward to framing her and hanging her in my office. Both my daughter and husband said this favors me when I was younger. Now I'm deciding whether to purchase a companion piece. I'm really loving "Lydia."

Lorajean has many talents. She makes softies, stationary from her prints, and paper mache sculptures. I was happy to learn that she knows the paper mache, because, as I answered the other day on the 20 Questions, #5, an art I would next love to learn is paper mache and making holiday folk art people and accessories. Maybe LJ will coach me from afar.

This is her blog: Lorajean's Magazine
This is her etsy shop: little lolas
Here are some more rabbit trails for you to follow:
1. bura ellen - Don't know how I got there, but that is where I heard about Lorajean's giveaway. She lives in Atlanta, which makes me feel like a kindred blogger since I went to high school there and think of it as "home."
2. Flossie Teacakes - Lovely lady in England. She writes very well and reminds me of Nigella Lawson, by both her descriptions in writing and looks.
3. Feeling Stitchy - All about hand embroidery. One of the very first blogs I came across.
4. Lee Lou Blogs - This one looks fun. She has free and custom blog designs, but I can't figure it out. When I tried to do this, I lost all my categories on the sides. Good thing I saved the original template - take my advice and do that first! Maybe one day I'll write her and ask her how to get it right.
5. Tiny Happy - I found her through Ravenhill. She moved to Norway from New Zealand. She does lovely sewing and embroidery.
And finally, at risk of bugging you, but I have been taking you down rabbit trails, don't forget to comment on my 06/17/2008 post below about what might be a good giveaway for my first blog anniversary. I'll have to get that started next week.


Karen~ said...

Hi Michele, thanks for visiting my blog! I need to stay away from QVC also. Just a little FYI, they have everything on 5 easy payments...I did buy a few little things...*smiles*
Have a great Friday!


janet clare said...

Thanks for finding my blog! And now I've found yours- its always a treat to find a new blog to read.

Anonymous said...

Hi hi! I'm so delighted you liked your Lemon Tree goodies! YAY! Enjoy your Friday!!

Karen~ said...

Good Morning Michele...I'm glad you got some good things. I think I ordered about 6 things, not too expensive items. I've had a few things on my list that I have been wanting so not a better time than now. I ordered some Northern Nights 400 TC anti wrinkle last year and LOVE them! Enjoy your Friday!


Lorajean said...

Thanks so much for the feature and I am so glad you are enjoying Sarah :)

Robyn said...

I second the desire to learn papier mache. I have bad memories of my one attempt in 2nd grade. Eek. What a mess! What fun it is to win blog contests! Congrats!