Sunday, February 22, 2009

This quilting thing is getting easier!

Quilted Embroidered Hot Pad

Thanks to Project Improv, I'm on my way to understanding much more about the process and techniques. Thanks to Nanette, Stephanie, and Jacquie, I've gathered wonderful ideas for table mats and potholders and little artful designs to try out.

Quilted Embroidered Hot Pad

Wouldn't you know this set is leaving me for a swap?

Tea Wallet

I can't get enough of the little tea wallets. This pattern might work as a business card wallet so that I can actually use one myself. I may have to pretend to be a tea lover, so when I go to the coffee shop or Starbucks, I can pull out my little wallet and show it off.

Quilted Embroidered Hot Pad

How about this embroidery? The design came out so bold and vibrant, just perfect for these fabrics.

Be sure to go by LollyChops today for her Sunday Guest Recipe and see my submission for Auntie Lynda's Comfort Chicken Casserole! By the way, Lynda isn't my aunt. She is one of my dearest, longtime friends, and my kids called her auntie when they were little. We met in Boston in 1988 when both of us were newlyweds living in a foreign land -- you know, the North. She is from Memphis, and I was fresh out of Atlanta. I was soooooo lonely there for months! Newly married, first big job, new city with a new attitude -- people rode buses and the T! One didn't use public transportation alone in Atlanta when I was young. Anyway, one morning at church, this girl who looked much like me, came over, touched my arm and rubbed it and said (read in a Memphis accent, please), "I am SOOOO glad to meet yooooouuuu!" I thought right then and there, "I don't know who you are, but you are my new best friend." And we were. All four of us -- husbands included, and we had quite the time in Boston together until real life came along, sent us scattering for careers, and brought us children. However, we get together as often as we can. Love you Lynda! -- mish


sewtakeahike said...

Thanks for the recipe at Lollychops Michele! (btw, my middle name is Michelle and when I was in junior high, I rebelled and started spelling it with one L instead of two!) anyway, your hotpad and tea wallet turned out fabulous. I've had the tea wallet on my list to do for a while now, I should just do it!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I am sorry it is leaving your home but hope it is coming to mine!! great work!

The Blonde Duck said...

I love those little tea wallets! I know a girl at work who would love them!

Annie B said...

hey I LOVE that tea wallet - I have been dreaming of ways to make one of those - it's so cute!

Nanette Merrill said...

Thanks for the recipe. Looks good. You are so sweet to mention me. You are so talented! Love this cute steaming cup.

Paula said...

I love that story, Michele! We all need new friends in new lands. Very cool that you've kept in touch all of these years.

I got my birds from the Birds of Change swap today and was so excited to see that one of your little sweetie's was in my package! YAH!! She's going to work with me tomorrow so that I can see her in my office all the time!

Chris Worthy said...

That quilt is gorgeous. I could just stare at those fabrics. I would say you are now a quilting expert.

Unknown said...

What a delightful story of this friendhsip! And wonderful to see your quilting! So pretty!
~Emily XO

babies said...

your friendship story is amazing! how open you are and how quickly you recognize the good things in life.

your sewing is lovely, too. i would love a tea wallet like yours, but sadly, i don't like tea... i might change my mind now, just to use it.