Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Great calicodaisy Facebook Fan Page Frenzy & Giveaway!

scrolly birdcage

Okay. I'm in. Waaaayyyyy in! I really didn't want to do it, but my SIL forced me. She actually did it for me. That would be creating a facebook page. Sheesh! I did not want to add that to my daily computer activities! But, the kids, lots of family, and obviously a bunch of my longtime friends have been facebooking and have found me. Actually, there was a waiting list for me when I signed up. I guess folks were only hoping I would join! Ha! Probably, they had just downloaded their e-mail list into their FB searches, and I was among them.

However, now that I'm in, well ..... One has to be responsible to this fantastic, nearly free (outside of the nauseating time and energy to understand it) way of advertising. Thus, I've created a calicodaisy fan page. I know this is a really great option for advertising to a whole new crowd, I just can't figure out how to use it. I think blogging is so much easier. Anyway, I'm trying to learn one new piece a day. I've become a fan of The Small Object, my One Yard Wonder book page, and some other friends' pages who aren't bloggers. I can use this tool to send out info on new calicodaisy designs, specials, giveaways, etc.

Scrolled Birdcage with Bird Embroidery

So, do you have a facebook page? A giveaway is in order to entice you to join the calicodaisy fan page. See the sweet onesie at the top of the post and 12 x 12-inch pillow cover above with the pretty vintage caged bird? One of these can be yours if you do one or all of the following -- but make sure your comment links back to your blog, or, you know, I'll have to draw again:

1. Go to your facebook page, become a fan of calicodaisy, and create a post there telling others about both my blog and fan page. Come back here and tell me that you did it. Grab this pretty picture from my flickr site to add to your post, so your friends recognize me.

2. On your blog, please post about my blog and fan page and come back here and tell me that you did that, too! Grab this pretty picture from my flickr site to add to your post, so your readers can recognize me.

3. If you know a friend of yours has became a fan, come back here and tell me who it is so I can verify. Tell your friend to stop by here, too, and leave a comment.

4. Finally, if you have any fan page set-up advice to offer me, please leave a comment for another chance.

I'll run this "special" through Sunday, 07-12-2009 and let you know next week whose name is drawn.

Thanks again for your support!


greetingarts said...

Supercute design, I like it on the pillow especially. I'm still not on Facebook, am irrationally resistant to it for some unknown reason. Have fun with it though, but don't let it suck you in and away from this blog. I'd miss you too much!

Unknown said...

I agree with greetingarts, I do NOT like Facebook, my son had a bad experience with it, and from reading your note, stop and think people looking for you before you sign up, Facebook lists you with all types of folks, some that you might not like.

kristie said...

i became a fan on facebook but have NO idea how to do the rest. i'm very new to facebook and pretty much only use it to stay in contact with friends who are not bloggers. but i think it's a complicated site (or maybe it's just me and my tiny brain).