Friday, September 11, 2009

Keep Calm & Sew!

keep calm and sew!

I'm so excited about this embroidery design. What should I make first? A tote? A wall-hanging? Apron? Pillow. Of course. I'll start with the pillow. I have to keep calm and clean the kitchen first though..... Oh, and you know, I can switch out the words there and do "keep calm and carry on".... Don't you want to order one for your sewing area?

retro stocking

Have you been by my photo set of embroidery designs available? This is just a small portion of designs I have in my library. If you are thinking of sewing up something special for someone but want a bit more pizazz, consider ordering some fabric embellished with one of my designs. If you're looking for something specific, e-mail me, and I'll try to find it for you.

Fabric Storage Bucket

Another fabric storage bucket, this time embellished for some USC Gamecock loving tailgaters. Love it! I've got a listing for a DYO - design your own - fabric bucket in my calicodaisy shop.

This would be a great gift for your little one's teacher. Size it down a bit, embellish with something like "Mrs. Smith's Book Club" and fill it with a stack of books for her classroom. I better go write that down in my "to do" ideas.

Kitty - Small Canvas Bag

So, if you're reading this far, you are probably one of my blog friends. Push has come to shove, and I have to get going with making calicodaisy handmade a full-time business. I have NO, none, ZIP, (insert frightened!! here) large, everyday, transcription accounts anymore. I haven't worked steady in two weeks, so my last big billing just came in. I have small project-work accounts but none that keep me busy full-time anymore.

Quilted Embroidered Hot Pad

This is really what I've been preparing for over the last five years while building up calicodaisy handmade, but the time has arrived for me to put my actions where my mouth and energies have been. I've started making cold calls -- friends first this week to practice. However, I have a growing list of contacts and will be starting to e-mail, call, and market myself to fill my studio calendar. OR, I'll have to get an outside job, and I just don't know what I am anymore and I'm not sure I know how to work with others well. Thus, I'm praying hard for courage and success and walking forward into the game of sales. If you have any friends who love the type work I do, please consider passing my name and links on. If your friends order anything, have them tell me you sent them, and I'll keep track so I can "thank you" appropriately down the road. Thanks!


greetingarts said...

You're ready for this, Michele. You are. Keep Calm & Sell Stuff! I'll be putting a good word in for you whenever I can, and wishing you well. I'll start thinking of what I need, too...

Paula said...

Your stuff is so adorable, Michele! I'm in love with that little quilt in your header. So cute!


Hello, I just had to leave you a note because I've so enjoyed reading your posts today. You have the most gorgeously beautiful site - best wishes & thank you ..

Chris Worthy said...

OK, I have to get one of the Keep Calm and Carry On panels. I live by that phrase! (Thankfully, my disruptions are not air raids, like the original recipients of that message!)

CitricSugar said...

I have a "Keep Calm" poster that's just waiting for an office in which to hang. I love the sewing version though! Inspired!