Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pink, Green, & Preppy!

Martha Stewart Font and Frame

A couple of weeks ago, Shasta of My Blonde Reality stopped by my shop and requested a custom order for monogrammed European pillow shams. I asked her to check my flickr site and available fonts to decide what she would like as well as to check out the blog. A little later, she responded with enthusiasm and said she had blogged about me at her site. I linked over and met a whole new world of bloggers. Good night! At the time, she had around 450 followers. Two weeks later, she's even more popular. Needless to say, my blog stats rocked that day, and I have "met" a number of new blog ladies who aren't necessarily crafters but are definitely busy in the career world, homekeeping, babies, upcoming weddings, fashion, shopping, and shoes! Name brands I've only heard of on the repeats of late night "Sex In The City." These girls have them!

Along the way now, I've also discovered that my favorite color combination of pink and anything plus a preppy look are back in a big way. These gals are crazy for pink and green and Lilly Pulitzer and Vera Bradley. Entire wardrobes are planned around new pieces in their favorite designers, and now I long even more for the curvy lean figure I had a mere 20 years ago! (I"m working on that; hopefully you will see the results soon!)

calico-lilly crocheted scarf framed

To celebrate pink and green and to participate in the only way I can right now, I came up with some pink and green designs in hopes of attracting a new set to my shop. I have already been crocheting this scarf design over the past month but decided to add a bit of a stripe to give the girls something to coordinate with all things Lilly. When brainstorming for product names, calico*lilly popped up, and there you go.

calicolilly - Curvy Wristlet framed

I've had this great blue-green paisley in my stash for a couple of months. Lined in pink, these wristlets fit the bill, I think.

Martha Stewart Font and Frame

And what about this new font and frame set (seen at the top of the post and above in black)? Actually, I bought it last fall but just loaded it in last week. It's the Martha Stewart classic embroidery designs pack. It sews out beautiful. There are laurel leaf frames, too. I'll have to embroider out some towels next.

Euro Sham - 18 inches square

Here is one of the shams I made for Shasta. She picked a great font. So nice and crisp in this large setting. It's very gratifying when someone makes a request, and I am able to say, "Yes, I can do that!"


The Blonde Duck said...

Those look great!!

The Flying Bee said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and thanks for your comment. It is so true. I am thankful that He does allow us to keep trying to be all He wants us to be. I need to keep my thoughts focused on that.

BTW, love the pink and green scarf! It seems that preppy is in now. I have been reading a lot about it out in blogland lately.

Your creations are just beautiful!

Take care,

Beth Dunn said...

So cute! I love monogrammed pillows. xoxo

Ravenhill said...

Dear Michele,
I too adore pink and green! One of the best color combos there is! I just love seeing what you are making! The curvy wristlet is darling. What a nice and original shape, and it it perfect with the pretty pink lining. Your work is alwasy that, perfect! I use the Ravenhill pouch you gave me all the time and just adore it as it makes me think of my sweet blogging and crafting friend! I too wish my family and you lived closer so that we could meet up when I am home. Maybe one of these years when my kids are bigger...
Happy creativity to you and hope you have had a great weekend!
hugs from Emily xoxo

Paula said...

Wow! I'm hoping you get a ton of business from those preppy girls. I love your pink and green scarf. I made a knit and felted pink and green diaper bag for a friend a couple of years ago and got a ton of requests for them. It's such a fun color combination.

Nanette Merrill said...

Such cute stuff Michele. Good to see what you are up to.

Mrs. Dunbar said...

Hi there, I just came over from The Flying Bee. I love everything pink and green and monogrammed.

Your creations are so fun! I myself have no creative bone in my body, I actually asked for sewing lessons for my birthday just so I can figure out how to sew a button back on my husbands shirt. Ha.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Hi there! Just found your blog and Loved the darling monogrammed pillows!! Very pretty indeed!


jacquie said...

you're hitting the big time, my friend. it's looking really professional too!

DD said...

I love your work!!! I'm going to have to come up with something fabulous for you to do for me.