Friday, July 2, 2010

Linen Love

Gosh, I'm head over heels for linen!  I've been picking up linen-mix pieces over time and using it for monogrammed pillow covers and aprons.  However, this week I bought 100% natural linen.  The heft and the silky feel at the same time is so lovely.  As with all my fabric, I ran it right through the laundry, dried, and ironed it to get the shrinking done with.  It took a while to get the hang of mitered corners, and I don't quite have an exact 90-degree angle, but who cares??  I now have lovely linen towels hanging in the kitchen.  A little twill across the top corner makes the hanging handy. 
The Mouse at a Tea Party embroidery design is so darling.  The design worked out on the grayish-creamy fabric just called for aqua and red. 

I have a few unembellished linen towels as well.  These are just right for someone who wants to hand-embroider a design herself or the towels can be embellished or personalized by me as desired.  I'm thinking monograms for that vintage, used linen look (without the antique linen to worry about) or a cool sleek font for the modern kitchen.  Napkins next, I think, and maybe some pillowcases. 

Hey!  I just noted Blogger added back the spell check!  Thank you, Blogger! 


Chris Worthy said...

Ooh, pretty!!

The Blonde Duck said...

How fast can you embordier/ ship tea towels?

greetingarts said...

Oh, what a cute design! I love it!

Finding Pam said...

When do you have time to do all of these amazing crafts and embroidering? I loved the garters too.

You remind me of my SIL, she is a master seamtress and has a super dooper embroidery maching. She does the linen as well. Luckily, I have been the receipent of a few tea towles.

Have a great weekend. I wish I had your talent.

Michele said...

That is absolutely precious!

Ravenhill said...

Michele, this is super cute! The mouse is adorable. Everyone is going to be clammouring for these... look out! I adore linen too, especially a natural colored one like this. You are good!!!
happy day to you!
hugs from emily xo

Abby and Stephanie said...

Darling little mouse in the tea cups. Very pretty linen. These would make great take away gifts at a tea party.