Thursday, July 1, 2010


Wedding garters!  Making these is like scrapbooking.  Once you get started arranging and stacking embellishments, it's hard to stop.  Plus, all the stuff was out and I was supposed to be working on PAID orders, so, obviously, I was creating something else!   The chocolate brown satin and organza embellishments are so lush together. 

Black White Red Glitz Bridal Garter
And this one ... Black, White, And ... Glitz or Kitsch?  Just in case someone is in the market for a piratey garter with the jolly roger button like I made yesterday, I've got another one ready.  However, I wasn't going to add that embellishment permanently yet.  There is an option here to go Glam with a black ribbon, satin yo-yo, and rhinestone button.  Talk about dressing up or dressing down! 

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