Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Pirate's Bride

This week I've been working on a young friend's bridal finery.  She is having an outdoor wedding Saturday.  Thank goodness a big rain is wiping out the humidity as I write, and I understand we should have some lovely summer days through the 4th!  Here's hoping; this is South Carolina, so it can be quite muggy.  The bride is young and cute and forgot that the rest of us might not hold up to lovliness for the duration of the wedding in the heat and humidity.  That and mosquitos!  I think I'll be wearing one of those new clip-on bug inhibitors.  Maybe if it's embellished, no one will notice. 

Back to the bride:  My creative help involved embellishing the veil by handsewing floral lace with little pearls all around the edge and then a coordinating string of rhinestone flowers across the edge of the comb.  Very simple and so sweet.  The bride is a little thing with a mop of red curly hair.  She doesn't need much embellishment herself! 
The Pirate's Bride
The wedding decor is lovely in teals and white, but for the groom, all things pirate are in order.  So, here and there will be little details of the piratey sort.  Thus, the garter.  Isn't it great?  I had just discovered this little jolly roger embroidery when the bride told me her idea.  How perfect! 


custom seamstress said...

Your items look great, but I must say a pirate theme is quite interesting for a wedding.

Michele said...

Very cute!

Lucinda said...

You don't need a bug-clip thingy, just take a B-Complex vitamin about an hour before going outside.

I do this for Shakespeare on the Green and outdoor concerts. While everyone is slapping mosquitos, I can just relax and enjoy.

Love the Pirate Garter :)

susan@tickledpaisley said...

Love the pirate garter - too fun!