Monday, June 14, 2010

calicodaisy goes to France!

Where in the world might you find some calicodaisy?  In about a week or so, in Dordogne, France!  Fabulously French stopped by calicodaisy handmade and ordered a custom embroidered numbered pillow for her little inn called Maison No. 20.  Well, if I can't get there myself, at least something from my hands can!  You'll have to check out her blog and site to see what lovely company of linens this pillow cover will join. 

Eymet, France: 

Did I mention my son is moving to Germany next year for his junior year of college?  We plan to visit, and I'm thinking a little train trip to SW France will be in order where we might stop by a sweet little inn, look into one of the rooms, and say, "Hello!  I know that pillow cover!"  Who knows?  And if you get there before me, please tell her I sent you and take a picture for me! 


Chris Worthy said...

That's terrific!!

Ravenhill said...

That is really cool! Isn't it wonderful to see your handmade items flying all over the world!?

I just wanted to tell you I am having a little give away on my blog if you would like to enter? :D
hugs from Emily

Michele said...

That is pretty cool! How neat to have your stuff go international. I know you posted this a week ago, but I've been out of town.