Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Begins!

No alarm woke me this morning!  No, no.  Summertime is here, and I'm not required to make the two roundtrips to the high school everyday anymore.  You know, my girl is 17-1/2 and still not driving.  That should change over the summer with a license and driving school.  I hope, anyway.  Considering her age, I'm not exactly sure how long she'll have to wait for her "real" license.  Actually, I don't want to know right now because I might be disappointed to find I'll be tripping it to the school for a few months in the fall!  I'm going to stay in blissful ignorance on that subject for the moment.  
Looking back over the last six months, I noticed a few glorious starts to a month where I had such a great outlook and blogged my joy and hopeful plans.  Each time, reality set in and dashed those plans!  Not this early June!  Last weekend I got busy downstairs in the apartment and blue studio room (old photo above) putting things back in order and planning cottagey paint colors for the apartment.  I made it back to the sewing room and created the batik squares and triangles block for one of the participants of the 2010 Round Robin Quilt Bee.  There are two more bee blocks to think about and finish this week, though the envelope with fabrics for one of them must be located under a mountain of mail!    
ballerina ivory garter with silk rosette
A couple of weeks ago two of my bridal garters were purchased the same day from my "the handmade fair" shop.  I am so pleased that brides from different ends of the country chose my bridal confections for their big day!  I'm anxious to make more now. 

So, I'm getting prepared for a little break this weekend.  A dear friend is visiting, my oldest friend since 9th grade.  I did a little personal beautification yesterday at the salon.  The hair is a lovelier shade of blonde, and my toes are painted a coral-pink color named "Meet Me At The Deli."  Absolutely appropriate, as I make a double run to my Brueggers each morning for my bottomless DC and often meet friends there!  Of course, there's housework to do and some business to tend to through tomorrow, but the outlook for a fun and carefree weekend spent with a good friend is quite motivating! 


A.J. Randall said...

I can't believe C-- hasn't gotten her license, yet! Haha! I think your blue studio room looks cute, even if that is an old pic. Interesting polish name, but I like the sound of it. I was actually thinking this week that I'd like to get a pedicure now that summer is starting. I had my first professional one done last summer and LOVED it. There is a salon right across the street from my apartment, but I can't figure out if it is only hair or also nails. I might have to ask around. :)

Ravenhill said...

Oh, that is a lot of driving. I will be rooting for her that she will pass the test with flying colors and that you will have a big chunck of free-time on your hands next fall!

I hope you have a most wonderful weekend with your close friend.

The batik block is so pretty!
hugs from Emily

kristie said...

have a great weekend! i'm chuckling about your parent's had to force me to get my license! i liked being driven around ;-)

The Blonde Duck said...

Isn't the start of summer thrilling?

sewtakeahike said...

good luck to your daughter and her driving class....

I hope you're having a wonderful time with your friend this weekend!