Friday, October 15, 2010

Missing You & The Handmade Fair

Really, I am missing hanging out in all my favorite blog spots and having comment conversations with my blog friends.  However, I have LOADS of work right now, and I must tend to that.  This time last year, I was just devastated with barely any work available for me, and now I can't clean house, I'm gaining weight because I'm eating on the run, and I'm passing on lots of the social events of this season because I have to keep on schedule.  All good, though.    

Quilt Bee friends -- if you call me a friend anymore :( -- I will catch up.  We just need to paint the downstairs apartment this weekend in anticipation of a big Fall show I have here with some other friends in sales in early November, and I have to prepare the area.  Then I'm free.   

Recently, a number of new customers have come to my etsy shops - calicodaisy and the handmade fair - and have worked with me on custom orders.  I've been so pleased to be "found" through googling and etsy searches and then chosen to create the design desired.  I can't wait to show you the final products. 

You know, I have the two shops set up in etsy for a purpose.  The calicodaisy shop is to market my new ideas and build my label.  The Handmade Fair is all about saving college funds for the kids in my family (mine and the cousins).  One of the cousins is a freshman and needs a little big tuition pump.  My kids are used to me marketing my designs over the years and they don't really think of this as big income driver, but I know it is.  I've never gone out on a limb and really campaigned for a big sale at one time, but this is very important and needs a good go. So, here goes:   

At The Handmade Fair, there are already a number of items ready to ship, like the Roundabout Cowl / Scarf shown above. 

I have "The All Boy Charm Packs" ready to go and can put together more.  I have a boxful of our favorite quilting fabrics cut into charms ready to be packaged.  The fabric is washed and the charms cut; just let me know what flavor you are looking for.  The "charm" of these packages is that the fabric is prewashed and ironed and then sliced, so no shrinkage or running colors to worry about. 
There is a new scrapalong going on in blogland (just google it to find), and I have my first fabric destash package ready to ship. 

There are crocheted baby hats, scarves, throw pillows, camera strap covers (padded and non), and you can go through my sold section and ask for a design that has sold before. 
Custom embroidered / monogrammed piped pillow covers have been my big sellers lately and are the easiest items for me to put together -- they are squares and easy to get out.  The pillow covers are listed for $25.00 for one, however, if you read through the listing you'll find a discount when ordering two identical covers and a SPECIAL of "buy four get one free."  Think of graphic holiday designs or phrases, sports themes, favorite sayings like above or anything else that is popular.  Have you fallen for pillow covers in the PB and Anthropology catalogs but can't take the price?  Let's design one together.  Check the calicodaisy gallery for a number of fonts and designs I already have -- look at the sets on the sidebar. 

It would be so amazing if I could meet this tuition need through my own hands in my own little shop.  Thanks for bearing with me and, in advance, for any early Christmas or birthday or personal shopping you might do at The Handmade Fair

Okay, I'm off to work again!  -- michele


greetingarts said...

I've missed you, too, glad to hear it's because you're so busy and doing well. This year is so busy for me, I thought I'd have more time to blog and play now that both kids are in school, but instead it's that much busier, more homework, more helping out at school, more volunteering. Ah, well, I will enjoy it while I've got it. Always have you in mind for embroidery work, and I always tell my friends about you, too. Keep up your great pace!

Unknown said...

...but it is good to know you are happily and busily working along. Building tuition funds is very important (ask me how I know). You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hey, when you get the chance could you email me your block pattern for the quilt round robin 2010