Tuesday, October 19, 2010

today IS the day!

At the end of 2008, this lovely machine arrived in my studio.  However, in the 21.5 months since it has lived here, I have NEVER learned how to use it.  It's been such a burden on my shoulders; I just haven't had the time and have been afraid of the effort.  You know, though, how one is forced into action every so often?  Well, today is the day. 

A couple of weeks ago, I designed some lovely, monogrammed, linen pillow covers with a new customer.  Please, click the green link and see the inspiration photo.  However, the pillow covers are 20" and require an 8" center monogram.  No problem, I say, and purchase the embroidery font.  Well, there is a problem:  The largest hoop for my one-needle embroidery machine isn't wide enough for the font.  Ha!  I've never experienced that.  Immediately, I think, hmmmm, well, see what Miss 6-Needle has to offer.  Thankfully, I have the proper hoop for the big machine, and finally the time has come to dust the poor thing off, oil her, stick the how-to video in (as well as visit the store for my lessons), and start using the 6-needle and 6-threads-at-one-time machine!  Of course, I have begged patience from my customer and offered a little thank-you-for-waiting gift, but I'm pretty excited.  My dad will be, too, as he sponsored the purchase way back.  
You know what this means, though, and I've been a little afraid of the idea.  When I am able to use this machine to its full potential, I can have "inventory" like a real shop because I can multitask and embroider leather bags and get inside the pocket of a diaper bag and easily embroider socks and, and, and -- just like a brick and mortar embroidery shop.  I think a lot of my resistance to learning to use this machine is wrapped up in being responsible for the possibilities it holds.  I'm weird like that.  Today is the day!  Well, this week is the week anyway.  It's already 3:00 PM, and it does have to be dusted and oiled, but the monogrammed pillow covers are due, and I'm hoping she doesn't want a refund!!!    


Finding Pam said...

Don't be scared. All you have to do is just start the project. That is an interesting machine.

Nanette Merrill said...

I hate learning new things. I just bought a new computer program and I'm already dreading looking at it. But it is good for us to stretch and learn. You can do it.

greetingarts said...

You go, Michele. I can totally empathize with everything you said, and I think it's great that you recognized your fears/concerns and are dealing with it. You are such a strong, smart woman about your business, you amaze me. I'm rooting for you, and hoping the learning curve is a short, gentle one.

Karen said...

Hi there, having purchased a similar machine 6 months ago, I relate totally to your situation. Looking forward to seeing what you create. If you ever need any help, let me know.


Dresden Quilter said...

I think it will all be amazing! You are so talented and you will have more now to show the world. I feel the same way about machine quilting. You're the inspiration I need to start working on it.