Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A New Chapter Begins

Today is the first day in 18 years that I don't have a child ready for the first day of school!  I need a new hobby now to fill the time.  Well, I just have to get through the paying of the tuition and books and all that goes with kids in college, and then I can see what's left over! 

First up, though, in October, one of my BFFs will come in from Memphis to visit for a week.  We plan to have a little sewing retreat together here and then head over to Atlanta for the Country Living Fair!  So excited to actually go to the fair I've read about for years and to go with Lynda!  Two more BFFs and a favorite SIL live in the Atlanta area, so I will be reveling in lots of sisterly and gal-pal love for a few days!  Maybe I'll meet some blog friends, too.  Let me know if you're going. 

There have been a lot of embroidered pillow covers flying out of the studio.  Did I tell you that I finally learned to use the six needle machine?  Maybe I did, but it deserves to be mentioned again.  It's like having an employee.  The machine is sewing out designs while I'm sewing up the piping and pillow covers at the same time. 

A client request came for a large-scale embroidered monogram.  After about a month of searching out quality large-scale fonts, we both fell for the one pictured at the top.  The design is very lush and substantial.  Thanks to Mallory there is a new product for the calicodaisy shop

Links to the Serena & Lily Kate bedding and requests for matching pillow covers have been coming my way.  Pink and limey green damask.  So serene and lovely, and I'm glad to accommodate! 


Andie Johnson said...

I'm going to the Country Living thingy here in Ohio. So excited to go. Hope you have a great time in ATL! And your pillows are so awesome - I love the colors you're using and the simple yet sophisticated piping you're putting on them. I'm going to link to you on Facebook and Twitter if you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

Your pillows are adorable! I'm a new follower - so glad I found your blog! xo, Nan

Raphaele said...

Hi, I'm new here, I found your pillows in Google while looking for something else and I stopped by to say how beautiul they are. This is design as I like it: simple, elegant and joyful. Well done!