Thursday, August 11, 2011

The One Where calicodaisy Goes Toddlers and Tiaras!

Now that I can post again, I have a few months of catching up to do!  There are a number of things to show and tell, but the most darling of all is the custom dress that went to the Lollipop pageant last month.  The mama of the little 3-year-old darling sent me a photo a few months ago, and we created our own version of the dress. 

Not that I want to get all caught up in this, but, I have to say, when it was over and I received a photo of the Little Miss all sassy in her dress and pink rubber boots (!), I'm pretty pleased.  Going down to the studio now to sew up two more outfits for this weekend's pageant.  The little one above and her friend will be the prize presenters, and their mamas have requested matching outfits in a casual boutique style.  Nothing like waiting to the last minute, but there was no way around it with the schedule.   

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