Friday, December 14, 2012

calicodaisy handmade gift certificates

After searching for a pretty printable gift certificate over the past year, it was exciting to finally find one.  My personalized GC file arrived this morning.  Darling!  Several denominations are available in the calicodaisy etsy shop, just right for the last-minute gift or the hard-to-choose-for one.  

The gift certificate can be delivered in two ways: a printed version sent by snail mail or a PDF file delivered by e-mail to you or the recipient.  Either way, the item will have all the pertinent information filled in and a special gift certificate code to keep everything in order.  Expiration date is six months from the date of purchase.  

Interested in MORE for less?  A coupon code for 15% off the face value of the gift card is at the calicodaisy FB page (only to be used on GC orders).  

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