Friday, December 28, 2012

calicodaisy monogram resale

As holiday orders were winding down this month, I began sorting through baskets of samples and inventory created in the recent past but forgotten as new ideas and designs took over.  There are several monogrammed items created for orders but put together with the wrong monogram letter set or color of fabric, otherwise no change in quality.  These MisDesigns, as I call them, are in the calicodaisy shop ready to ship and priced at a discount.  Maybe you will recognize a monogram here and find that the item is just right for you or someone special.  A few are listed here and the rest in the shop. 

Kelly's Korner has a link up for a monogram swap, which prompted me to post about my little MisDesigns section and put some photos on review here.   


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xoxo-Kristen said...

how much for m pillow? email me at or stop by my blog :) thank you