Monday, November 12, 2007

Easy Sewing Projects for You!

While blogging last week, I came across two places listing great, easy, sewing ideas for your creative holidays. Check out the Sew, Mama, Sew blog. Everyday all month, this blog has great ideas for your gift list or your just-to-try list. They also have a fabric store (!!) on line at Sew, Mama, Sew. Very cool fabrics you don't necessarily see at the regular stores.

The other place listing easy projects is Cotton Spice. There is a super easy pot holder idea - made from a dishtowel - on one of the days. Try this link: Potholder tutorial. Really, you should try it for yourself.

I made the sweet jacket pictured above. It is an 18-24 month size. It took just a few minutes to make -- really. It is cut out on two folds, so there are only the arm seams to sew and the binding around the neck. However, you have to take the pattern to Kinko's and have them increase the page up to the proper size. I found the pattern in the Bend The Rules Sewing book by Amy Karol. She has really fun ideas in that book. Seasoned seamstresses and novices alike will enjoy the ideas.

Try something new this season. I am working on my garland for the garland swap. I have already received mine from my swap partner, though the send date isn't until 11/16. I have some glittering to do still.


Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

Ouuu I really really like this jacket.... I have a granddaughter who has a birthday coming!
Where can I get a copy of the pattern?

I am loving your pretty aprons...I am an apron girl....both of my daughters wear their aprons too!

Glad you signed up for my vintage heart swap so I get a chance to meet you and visit your blog!
How fun!

Hugz, Dolly

Anonymous said...

wow cool

gift to Philippines said...

Wow! that was a great jacket I want to try doing this it was so cute and adorable. Keep posting!