Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Sun Still Rises, The Swaps Go On, The Holidays Are Coming!

The Sun Still Rises: After my posting below, I find that the sun still rises every morning and life goes on as usual, even after we face changes. I am back to work again with my transcription services and have been busy with the teens in the house. My girl is busy socially, and my son is a senior, 18, and ready to apply to college - and, since I am bragging, Group Commander of the JAFROTC. We have lots of fun and have been learning to balance carrying on and remembering my grandmother all at the same time.

The Swaps Go On: Who would have known when I found out about blogs and then the lovely swaps how important they were to become to me the last couple of months? Not me! I actually worried I might be silly and wasting time getting involved -- when I had so much work to do, but it turns out that the handwork and plans I was making for the swaps entertained my mind and hands while I was waiting on my grandmother at both the hospital and at home. The Swaps turned out to be a blessing! Thanks to each of you who participated with me back and forth. Though you might have just entered for fun, as I did originally, those exchanges gave me short term goals and deadlines and the opportunity to think about making a "stranger" happy with my handiwork. It is a good way to spend time.

This is the Fall Swap exchange I received from Dana. I was in love with my goodies before I even saw them. Dana's card told me she hand-felted a pumpkin atop a pincushion for me and made a wool penny needle case. Perfect, perfect for me! And, of course, you'll note the chocolate and candle. Just in time for a cozy evening this already cool November. Well, that cozy evening may come in January, but you know what I hope for.

This is the stocking I received from Cathy in the Vintage Stocking Swap. It's a pretty vintage blue with a lace cuff and beaded garland. She loaded me up with vintage goodies inside and photocards of her shop and home. Oh!, and see the sparkly star wand. I know some little girls who might want to swap with me for that! All the pictures from the swap are here.

I have two more swaps to go. One is the Ga Ga for Garland swap and the other is an international Christmas Postcard Swap. I've got my ideas down, so I just need to execute. Did I say a few swaps ago I was done with this for a while? Well, it is like Diet Coke - you can't have just one... Then there is the Holiday Ornament Swap. You still have three days to sign up, so get over there if you are interested. You'll have to make 8-10 ornaments to send both internationally and here in the states, so think about it first. However, how much fun will that be? I saw last year's ornaments here, and I see the ornaments don't have to be crazy crafty, just something fun and easy and affordable to send out.

The Holidays Are Coming: I know I don't have to point this out, but I can feel it! I already have orders for Christmas gifts to make. My friend, Cindy, and her husband own the Old Barn General Store in Lexington, SC, right past the LHS on the left. You Columbia-area gals should really make a trip out there. They have antiques, new country items, gourmet foods and coffees, and sweet conversation. They will also have beautiful Christmas trees. They gave me one last year (pictured above), and it was beautiful with my grandmother's antique glass ornaments all through the boughs. Cindy asked me if I wanted to put some aprons in her store for her holiday shoppers. I was very glad to comply, as you can tell from my flickr site (mishflicks) where I listed my current projects and orders I have received lately. If you want to order any items from me for your gift giving this year, think about it quickly. Since I have to get my transcription work done first each day, I have to keep to a schedule of what I can produce before shipping time.

Until the next time... Please send me a note if you like. If you want to join the swaps but are worried to do so the first time, let me know, and we can do one together -- starting in January 2008!

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Anonymous said...

There are times when we need the busy bits of life to help give us focus. I am glad you are able to fimd some solace in your activities. I join swaps to learn new things and make new friends. And I haven't been disappointed. I only have one swap left for this year--Deck the Halls Swap--because we're leaving next Friday for the rest of the month.