Thursday, November 1, 2007

Still Swapping

These pretty buttons arrived in the mail last week in exchange for the ones I sent out earlier in the month. The mushroom came from Amy, chopsticks from Meg, owl from Sarah, watermelon from Jessica, and the sweet sailboat from Shelley. Everyone had such great ideas. I did receive one more button as a bonus from the button host, Michelle. It is a clever robot. However, my daughter quickly snagged that one to add to her button collection. That is the best compliment - when a teenager has to have what you have! Check out all the button art and the cute robot button at the embroidered button picture site. Now I just have to decide what to do with these little pieces of art.

I've also sent off two more packages in swaps I participated in. One was for the Fall Swap organized by Chara Michele. I sent a set of embroidered dishtowels, a crocheted scarf, and a quilted table topper to Dana. Each participant was to send out items that reminded her of fall. The pictures of everyone's swap sets are at the Fall Swap grouping.

The other package sent was for the Vintage Christmas Stocking Swap hosted by MaryAnn. I had to think a bit about that one. I'm not necessarily on the lookout for a Victorian look of pastels and lace and went with more of a vintage country home look. I saw a couple of fabrics at Hobby Lobby that inspired me and went that direction. We were supposed to fill the stocking as well, and I chose to put in some holiday craft ribbon, an embroidered dishtowel (Why that again? Because I have a stock of them on hand, and they are a universal gift!), and an embroidered ornament. This stocking is on it's way to Debbie in PARIS! Well, Paris, Arkansas. (I'm sure she hears that one all the time.) The participants made some beautiful stockings and were really inspired on what to pack away in them. You can see all the stockings at the Vintage Christmas Stocking Swap group.

In any of these picture sets, if you see work that you like, click on that person's link or blog and go see their other work. It tends to follow that if you like something about their work in one place, you'll probably be really interested in their blog sites and other work.

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Pearl Maple said...

Lucky Debbie, the stocking is perfectly chic' for Paris.

Enjoying all your creative posts to the blog.