Monday, December 15, 2008

Didn't Quite Finish ...

... but I made a big dent. It was shoe and lingerie bag mania all day Saturday. I always forget how long it takes to make things, even when they are simple. Above is a sampling of the work.
.Bridal Shoe and Lingerie Bag set
This embroidered shoe design is gorgeous! As I was sewing this bag, I thought it would be perfect for a bridal shoe bag or for bridesmaid gifts. This is Anna Griffin fabric, and I have no idea where I bought it, but I definitely would want to have more in my fabric stash.

Airedale embroidered pillow

My friend is a petsitter outside Atlanta. Her link is above on the left under "favorite shops." Anyway, she always has good ideas for gifts to give her pets' "people." One of her clients has an Airedale.


Airedale embroidered pillow 2

We found this embroidery design, and she said it looked just like her charge, so here is a nice pillow for their den. Another great idea she has used several times is embroidering a towel personalized for the dog. Just a regular towel with a cute little doghouse embroidered out and the dog's name. This way muddy paws have a special towel just for them.

I've been mulling over in my mind whether or not to buy a more industrial embroidery machine. With all the work I am getting and work I have to turn away because I don't have the proper machine, I realize how great it would be to have a bigger capacity embroidery machine, the time it will save, and the opportunity it will bring to me. Then I start thinking about how to pay for it and know that once it is purchased, I really have to market myself. I've been working out scenarios and justifications for a monthly payment on paper, but I haven't made the commitment yet. Then, yesterday, I was inspired by David and Daisy's link to this Amy Butler interview on msnbc. She and her husband seem to prove out that hard work and diligent savings to acquire your dreams and not hefty loans CAN work. I have to rethink it all now ....


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Your work is so nice. It would be a shame to have to buy a new machine. I love what you do.

janet clare said...

you definitely need a new machine- just think what you could achieve!

I have been looking at new machines too, I am rather taken with a new Pfaff, trouble is it costs £5000 (sterling) so $9000 ish dollars... I won't be getting that anytime soon!

Jen said...

I'm glad I found that interview with Amy Butler too ... It was very inspiring.