Friday, December 12, 2008

Working Right Along ...

My goal today is to finish all my outstanding orders, and I am nearly there. I'm hoping to get all the items to be mailed at the post office tomorrow. Here's a little stash that went out today - afternoon sun = bluish photo. I have 13 tree ornaments, like those above, (not all made today but finished up), embroidered buttons ponytail holders, and reversible headbands. Not shown are plush blankets to be embroidered, personalized travel shoe and lingerie bags, monogrammed pillow cover, fleece and flannel embroidered scarves, and .... a few other things. Most are in process and just need the finishing touches. I think it was a good day, but now I wish it was still 3:00 PM and I had the rest of the afternoon to go. It's nearly 6:00 and I want to go to Hobby Lobby to use my 40% off coupon. Maybe I better stay home ...
For the little tree door ornaments:
I took this personalized fabric panel and bordered it creating the little pillow. I decided to place the fabric panel on some batting next time and outline stitch around the tree and make a mini quilt ornament.
Oh, yes, the promised giveaway embroideries are going out, too. You girls know who you are... including you, Nan. I know I owe you BIG. The only benefit to my pokiness, Nan, is that I keep putting items by for you to fill the bag with extra treats.


Jodie said...

Those ornaments look great - you seem to get so much finished!

Abby and Stephanie said...

Great projects! No sun here...12* this morning and snow while out Christmas shopping yesterday. :o)

The Blonde Duck said...

You work so hard! Everything looks gorgeous, though!

Chris Worthy said...

Beautiful work, as always!

Thanks for the birthday wishes!