Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Holiday Embroidery

prim crow and pumpkins

(Read all the way through. Treat at end!)

There are so many new and awesome embroidery files coming out lately. The designers out there are getting better and better at this. I love the stack of pumpkins above. I've embroidered that out on the nubby cotton I picked up recently, and I am going to make it into some sort of quilt block for a pillow. The embroidery comes out just as beautiful as the photo.

This mosaic turned out more like a sneak-peak of these designs.

new embroidery files 092408

The files might have been too large for the program, but I hope that means you'll visit my flickr embroidery design set and check out some designs I have just picked up.

Knowing that most of us reading the craft blogs have nearly the same skill set, I am trying to entice you to order embroideries sewn out on fabric for you to use in your craft projects. There are so many options. If you have something sewn out on wool felt, you can cut around it and make it into an applique or back it up with another piece of felt, blanket stitch all around, and make an ornament.

There is also an embroidery set of nearly every quilt block that you can think of, too.

It sews out in perfect squares for one to make a whole quilt. However, that would be a huge job, but how about one or two squares of a design embroidered out to embellish a coordinating pillow or bag? There are also labels that match the quilt blocks, too. I can add your name and date to the design. Just ask me, and I might be able to create something special for you.

What can you dream up on a small scale? If you will check out the embroidery file set I have on flickr and then send me a comment sharing your ideas, I will draw two names this Sunday and send those two readers their favorite design sewn out on proper fabric. You just have to promise to make something with it, photograph it, and blog about it for me -- of course telling everyone what an awesome collaboration this is. I don't want to call this a g-away, so that only you reading this far that care will comment, so let's just keep it between us. I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas!


The Blonde Duck said...

I love the Christmas stuff! I'm so ready for my Christmas movies. My favorite is Muppet Christmas Carol!!!!

~Michelle~ said...

Hmmm...I also love the Christmas stuff - I get so geared up. :) I have a particular fondness for snowmen. Also, I love all of the owl designs - what is it with owls right now? I can't get enough! As far as ideas go, wouldn't it be fun to just embroider a pattern (such as black/gray/pink argyle)? That could be such a fun pillow.

Nanette Merrill said...

They are all so pretty and so much to look at. I love them. I've never really known what is out there in the world of machine embroidery. Think how cute an apron would be with a name on it. I'm sure you must do that and then a little embroidered emblem. Those would make great gifts.

Anonymous said...

HI there!
I just visited your flikr site. You have some really adorable emboidery. You are very talented!
Since Halloween is my favorite holiday...
how about Frankenstein or a witch.
Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you come back!

Paula said...

I'm probably too late, but all your new designs are really cute! My favorites are the pumpkins and crow and the crow with the santa hat. Adorable!

Anonymous said...

I love them. I've never really known what is out there in the world of machine embroidery.