Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Check, Check, Check ...

travel shoe bag

I told you, I am whipping out half-finished ideas out of the studio this week and into the calicodaisy etsy shop.

First up, travel shoe bags. I was struggling over what to give my dear friend for her birthday in August. Then I remembered she asked me to put shoe bags on my to-create list for her holiday gift list. So, perfect gift, I thought. I'll make her the prototype set. Aren't the shoes great? For a guy's version, I was thinking of using flannel, and I even have an embroidery design for golf shoes.

Deidre, if you've stopped by, well, now you know what's in the package!

Vintage Flour Sack Dishtowel mosaic

Then, I've been wanting to do some vintage-inspired machine embroidery on flour sack towels for quite a while. However, they just seemed so plain and huge, I wasn't sure how to accentuate them. While perusing the myriad of magazines I go through, I saw a towel with a scalloped border and decided that would do. I meant to add some ric-rac along the top edge, but I didn't have the right color handy. I think it turned it out darling. And, it's big enough to make a chef apron out of. I thought it would be a perfect half apron. Just cut to the proper length and add a casing across the top. Run through a long tie made from some coordinating cotton or a long piece of twill or ribbon, and you have a quickie half apron.

Reversible Basket Liners

Finally, do you know any Longaberger basket lovers? I've caught up on some reversible basket liners that I've had in the works for a while now. I keep promising one friend I will get to hers, but I've been procrastinating. These are the first covers I made for my own baskets. I love the L-berger baskets and liners, but my budget won't allow for too many of those purchases. I can make reversible liners for nearly any of the L-berger basket styles. If you do have a friend who has a thing for them, please let her know she can get a custom liner from me.

Okay, back to transcribing, then to women's Bible study, then back to the studio if I can stand it.

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