Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Need Embellishing?

Fall Embellishments

Here are some new fall embroidery designs I have picked up lately. A little embellishment can go a long way. I thought the owl and bird appliques would be perfect for a pocket on an apron or at the bottom of a little dress near the hem. They are also sweet on bibs and onesies, t-shirts for kids and adults, towels ... If you'd like something like this to embellish your projects, contact me, and we can come up with something.

embroidery appliques

I'd really like to encourage the idea of embroidering out my designs on fabric and then selling the panel for folks to work into their own projects. That saves me from having to create an entire project but allows me to offer something really well done and extra special for a crafter. The designs above are some test sew-outs I made for a designer this summer. Should you like this idea for a project you are sewing, we could choose fabrics from the internet for me to use or find a coordinating solid to work with the patterned fabric you have in mind.

shih tzu embroidered panel

Here is a great sew out of a shih-tzu embroidery. This one looks just like my Jip. I embroidered the design out on a teal decorator fabric and have listed it in my shop as an embroidered panel for someone to use in her personal creation. The size of the fabric panel is just right to make into a pillow or work into a tote bag. Nearly any breed of animal is available in embroidery. Do you have a little sweetie pet that you'd like depicted on fabric? We could add his name or a little caption. The sky's the limit here.


Nan said...

Adorable as always, and a great idea bout selling a panel to use to add to your own project!

The Blonde Duck said...

I love the Shih-Tzu! So cute!

Anonymous said...

I love .