Sunday, September 14, 2008

Whipping Them Out

Owl Applique

I'm on a mission in the studio - getting out some half-finished ideas! First, isn't this owl applique darling? I embroidered it out on some thin fabric with stabilizer and some fusible interfacing underneath. I've already carefully cut around the edges, and now it's a patch. Even though one can iron it on, I think it would be wise to stitch it down with some clear thread. I'm going to put these in my shop and see how they do.

mail sack bag

My son had a fantastic German teacher all four years of high school, and she retired at the end of this year. I've been wanting to give her a gift but wasn't sure what she would really like. When I heard she was travelling to Germany this fall, I thought the Mail Sack bag by Pink Chalk Studio would be perfect and asked her to stop by and pick out fabrics. I think it looks great embroidered with her monogram.

homespun mosaic

Next, I've been planning to make some window draft dodgers for a friend. It takes me so long to think about what to do. I saw this homespun, red and white ticking recently and bought the bolt, I think. Anyway, I bought some homespun white fabric as well and decided to embroider out the "home sweet home" sentiment, cut out a rectangle around the wording, and then applique it with a primitive sort of stitch to the draft dodger. The actual product isn't finished, so no pictures of those yet. I embroidered the panel about out in a red thread but didn't care for all the red going on with the fabric and stitching, so I just made another panel with blue for my project. I thought I would offer this 17 x 17 panel in my shop as well. This is a great example of work I can do for you to enhance your projects. Any wording, any fabric, almost any lettering, and it could be a sweet combination!


oliver rain said...

The owl applique is lovely. And I'm sure your son's teacher loved the mailbag.

ginger said...

The mail sack is beautiful!