Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Fresh Stack of Cozy Warmth!

We are still under the clouds of old Hurricane Ida!  The winds picked up yesterday, and I thought it was going to blow out and bring us clear skies and sunshine, but not so.  It's chilly and wet, and the traffic was crazy this morning.
However, here is a bit of coziness from my calicodaisy shop, as shown above:  A fresh, new stack of plush throws. The colors are beautiful, and the blankets are very soft and plushy, nicely hemmed all around, and wash very well.  If you are thinking of early holiday shopping and/or are in the mood to order a new treat for your home, the throws are ready for monogramming, personalization, and/or embroidery designs of your choice.  If you check out my flickr catalog - calicodaisy handmade holidays - you'll find some ideas from these finished products. 

My favorite is the spring green blanket at the bottom of the stack.  However, I think the pink and brown zebra print will be popular.  I tried to get a close up to show the softness of the colors, but the poor weather didn't help me out with lighting.  This weekend, I'll get some individual shots to put with the shop listings.  

If you are interested in ordering one and would like to plan and design a throw, just convo me through the shop or e-mail me.  Remember, I have a large library of designs, so it doesn't have to be just a monogram.  You could go with a theme or holiday embroidery (extra charges may apply depending on the extent of your design).  Sooner is better, as I have a holiday show next weekend, and the throws are probably the most popular item this time of year.  Lucky for me, as the throw is a ready-made item.  You'll find two blankets already listed, a lovely blue and chocolate brown.    


The Blonde Duck said...

I just wanted you to know I'm going to feature you as one of my 12 artists of Christmas!

The Blonde Duck said...

Love your meatball soup!

Nanette Merrill said...

What an incredibly great idea. You always really have different things going on for gift ideas and I love that.