Saturday, May 28, 2011

Destash Weekend

Really, I'm finally doing it and doing it the way I didn't want to do it!  What I WANT to happen is to create the dreamed-of studio space without packing up and then having to unpack.  You know, the packing up is easy; the unpacking ... well, things can get lost in a time warp when out of sight, out of mind.  However, we've lived here eight years, so I'm off to pick up boxes now. 

My biggest problem has been HOW to arrange the place.  I'm a dreamer, not an organizer.  At Barnes and Noble last week, I saw the new issue of Studios magazine and was so glad to see layouts of the ladies' work spaces.  That will be in hand in a few hours as I begin to pack up the place.  I have already warned the husband that a couple of new fabric shelving units need to be built.  Have you seen Anna Maria Horner's new addition studio?  I'm waiting for her to show photos of the furnished place. 
Meanwhile, I must destash fabric as well, even my favorites.  Not entire lengths of fabrics but portions of like items.  The listings are at The Handmade Fair shop; sort of a crafter's garage sale.  Postings are slow, as I waste time coordinating the "perfect sets" and then must photograph and edit.  What would be faster is if I could just take a picture of a shelf, post it, and say, "Which one do you want and how much?"  Surprisingly, several All Boy Charm Sets have been ordered recently.  Nice, too, I think, that all my fabrics are washed, dried, and ironed as soon as I bring them home, so that little job is passed on in these sets. 

Thanks for your nice and helpful comments on my last post and, as always, your good advice, Jean!  You go before me in growing your children and enjoying new little grandkids, and I love your memories.  We march forward to commencement this week!  Very excited now. 

Happy Weekend. 

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Finding Pam said...

I am so excited for you to get your studio arranged. I can't wait to see the photos.