Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fresh Ideas

So, I had to come out to Brueggers to post on my blog today.  I still can't stay signed into blogger from my main home computer.  I tried to read about the issues but to no avail.  Any advice?  Secondly, I've been thinking about switching over to wordpress or typepad, but, again, the effort seems huge.  I'd like to attach my blog to my dot com address, as that's what folks come to from my business cards, but making the decision alone is just too much for me.  What do you think? 

In an effort to have a product I can reproduce without actually spending hours creating, I've come up with a new idea for my "The Handmade Fair" intended-college-savings shop that I hope will pump up the college fund.  Printable (print yourself) fabric labels.  My first, The No Fuss Stitch Border Label, a very simple idea is shown above.  To keep it simple, the only customizable option on the design is the customer's wording.  I have created several designs, some with color, but this is the first.  The great thing is the sewist can print off one page as needed onto transfer paper and then iron onto her chosen fabric.  It's so easy and quick.  I ironed my set out on different colors of twill and a tone-on-tone, light colored cotton.  Works great.  You just have to decide how you want to control any fraying, if you do.  Pinking shear cuts, tight zig-zag to sew on, fray check, etc.  There are more details in the listing description

Please consider ordering PDF for yourself or as a gift or ask about the other designs I'm developing. 

If you don't sew, another great and probably obvious use is just ironing directly onto clothing items for kids going to camp or the elderly who need to stay in nursing or residential homes.  I have found great resources for digital art; it's just a step-by-step learning process that has to be fit into my sewing and embroidery schedule.  One very good thing about working with digital art, though, is, as I become more comfortable with the concept, I also have the ability to turn digital art into embroidery designs.  However, I can't even allow myself to go there yet! 

Anyway, I am on a mission to seriously PUMP up the college savings account and try to do that with the the proceeds from THF; I am trying to help the kids not start out life already in tuition debt.  My girl graduates in a few weeks, and art school is looming in the future!  

My Diet Coke is running out, the Brueggers clerks keep walking by checking out my (clean) stocking feet up on the opposite booth, the dog needs to be picked up from the groomers, and I have initial pillow cover orders to fill -- all before heading back to the hospital to work this evening.  AND I need to find a new dress to wear to a wedding on Saturday and to my daughter's graduation.  Ugh, taking care of myself ... that might be the hardest job there is to take on yet! 


Lyn said...

Can't help with the blogger issue, I know some other people are having problems. I love your print your own labels idea, hope it does well.

Finding Pam said...

I would not try to solve the your blog issues right now. Wait until you have more time to focus on the issues and maybe it will all come together. I can't offer any help,but that is what I do when something isn't working out right.

How much does the PDF cost? I saw no pricing for that service.

I think you are very smart to have started this for college funds. Our sons are have grown up. I wished I had something like this for when they went to camp.

I adore your design. I know it will catch on. Keep up the good work.

Abby and Stephanie said...

The labels are a clever idea and certainly should be popular!