Thursday, March 20, 2008

Blogging From Sunny Florida

Hey there! On this first day of spring, I'm blogging from the land of sun and fun. Actually, I am in west-middle Florida near Crystal Springs and the manatees. (All photos found on the web. I haven't taken any myself yet.)

I came south to help my dad during his knee replacement surgery. However, the morning after my arrival, we got a call that his surgery was pushed to Friday. Losing a whole week of my availability! So, I had to think of a "B" plan and make the best of it all. I brought along my sewing machine and a bunch of fabrics with plans to sew in the hotel where I would be staying near the hospital. Instead, I just unloaded here in his house and got busy.

The change in plans turned out to be a great thing. My dad and I have spent a lot of quiet time together with no schedule. I helped him with the computer, choosing a new cell phone (However, I have no idea how to use it; we need a teenager to come help to do that!), business errands, shopping, etc. We've had a chance to visit his friends and just hang out.

I've walked everyday around his little retirement community of trailers and houses set on a lake system and canals. The orange blossoms are blooming, oranges and grapefruits are on the trees, and there is this bush called "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow" that smells so luscious, a lovely powdery scent.

I've put together six of the projects I brought along and am cutting out squares and appliques this morning for the Spring Quilt Swap I entered. I can put that together at the hotel while he is in the hospital and bring it along with me when I am visiting him and do the handwork there. I am going to make three of the same little quilts (accountability, please) - one for the swap, one for a friend's birthday gift, and one for me. I figure if I sew them all at the same time, it will get done.

So, for stepping away from the business at home this week, I feel I have been very productive while relaxing here. Good thing my hobby is one of my businesses. I get to enjoy what helps support my family and craft habits. My dad said he has had fun watching me. He tells me it reminds him of years ago when my mom had fabric and patterns and crafts out everywhere. He said he is glad to have a mess around for a bit, but I am worried about leaving a pin in the carpet!

We are off today to Gainesville, Florida, to the hotel, and dad's surgery is tomorrow morning. Expectations with the surgery is all with go well and quickly. I'll stay until Sunday and make sure everything is going as planned and then head home. Thankfully, the hospital provides transport back to his little town and the rehab center, and he has friends here waiting to take over for me and keep up with him. The kids are on Spring Break next week, so when I arrive home, it shouldn't be a hectic schedule. I can stay calm for just a few days and ease back in to working again. Even though I have a good time away from the transcription, I actually miss the routine.

Thanks to all of you who keep up with me now and check in. I'm loving our little blog world.


Unknown said...

Good luck to your dad tomorrow! :)

Erna said...

I'm sorry I didn't reply your email yet neither wishing you and your dad good luck for today...I got a very bad flue and one of the children too...just surviving but it seems to go better now. How did it went today? Wishing your dad a speed recovery!


Leslie said...

I hope by now your dad's surgery is over and that everything went as planned. It sounds as though your time with your dad prior to the surgery was nice.