Saturday, March 22, 2008

Travelling Road Production

For once, careful planning actually went my way. Maybe it is because I am travelling alone and have only my schedule to think about, but I think I've used my time well. I packed a load of fabrics and supplies to work on some projects while in Florida. Here is a nice stack of sweet baby/toddler blankets. I have recently found lovely, soft flannels and very nice baby prints that are pleasing to the eye and fun as well. I was having such a hard time finding soft prints for boys, but, lately, they've been showing up at the fabric stores. I'm trying to get a stash of finished products to go in my upcoming creative studio office where I can receive clients, show my work, and design new items and embroideries.

I also brought supplies for a couple of swaps. Here is a little peek of the art quilt I am making for the quilt swap and another for my friend's birthday gift. I'm nearly done with this one. I am going to back it and start hand quilting this evening. When I get home, I'll pick something for the binding and get started on the next one. I'm in the embroidered button swap, and I've been drawing little animals in attempts to fit them into a one-inch button cover. Again, I've spent too much time and money trying to find cute cards or paper with designs I can shrink down and draw on fabric. I've been practicing drawing the animals from the fabrics above, and I bought some cute wrapping paper and a short stack of cardstock that have animal designs. I just have to work out a fine, clean one-inch design to embroider in such a small space. I did have the bright idea just now though to just get maybe the face and trunk of an elephant into that spot rather than the whole thing. I'll have to remember that.

Despite the load of fabrics I brought with me, I had to check out the fabric shops around here. I recently read a blog post stating, "When did Jo-Ann Fabrics get cool?" Well, when did Jo-Ann Fabrics get cool? They aren't this cool in South Carolina! The Ocala location was as big as Hobby Lobby I think, and the sales person told me the Tampa one is a Jo-Ann's superstore. I didn't dare go there. If your Jo-Ann's doesn't have that much in your opinion right now, just wait. If the fabrics in the Florida stores make it around the country, it will be nearly as great as the quilt shops. I saw lots of new Tracy Porter, Debbie Mumm, among others. Above is a stack of fabrics I picked up because I couldn't risk them not showing up at my store! The safari flannel, however, is from the Wal-Mart. Very nice for that place. The vintage dots are from a nice quilt shop as well as that great cream and pink toile on the back of the chair. Isn't that darling? It's called "Sweet Dreams" by Robert Kaufman. I bought for blankets as well, but I think it would look great on throw pillows or a chair cover for a nursery or a diaper bag. It should be shown off.

Before I let you go, here are a couple of photos of my home productions. Both my kids went to the ROTC military ball at the high school. My son is one of the group commanders this year. This is the first time my daughter has attended a formal affair, and this dress is perfect on her. We were so happy to find something so demure and not too prom-like for the event.

I was so glad to have them both dressed up at the same time for the same event. My husband and I were chaperones at the party and were running around like stage parents getting photos as they went through the ceremonies of the evening.


Anonymous said...

Both your son and daughter look nice! I remember when my brother was in ROTC (ahem... in the 60's and 70's and people called him Gomer Pile!) and always looked great in his uniform!
WoW... good for your daughter finding a modest dress too. They are hard to find now a days. When our girls were going to dances we either had to modify to modest-fy a dress or made it ourselfs.
You have a right to feel pleased with your wonderful kids!
So, is the pink toile a cotton or a flannel? It's sure cute.
Keep up all the good work!

Leslie said...

Your son is handsome and your daughter is gorgeous. I know you must be very proud of them.
Wish Greenwood had a decent fabric store.

Erna said...

Your children look soo handsome and lovely together dressed up! made a whole lot of things while helping your dad. that babyquilts look so lovely.. I love your 'boy'-flanels... can't find anything like that here... looks awesome! Like the new stuff you bought also!

Unknown said...

What beautiful things. Love those fabrics.

You have gorgeous children.

nancy said...

I'm visiting the blogs of the quilters at 4 Seasons since this is my first time being involved. I enjoyed seeing your work. What a lovely family you have.

Unknown said...

Your children must make you so proud. They look so grown up and beautiful and handsome. I think the red gown suits your daughter to a T! She is just stunning in such an innocent and understated way. They both have the kindest and nicest expressions on their youthful faces.

I love seeing the fabrics and quilts! What fun you must have had. How nice to get so much done while helping your father. I hope that all is well with him after his operation. The toile fabric is so pretty.

I am making dolls!!!

Chris Worthy said...

Good night, woman! That is an impressive pile of fabrics. :) I can't wait to see all the finished projects. I am such a sucker for toile of any kind, but that pink is over the top gorgeous.