Monday, March 30, 2009

A Farm Chicks Kind of Weekend

We had quite the rainy weather from Wednesday last week through the weekend. I was already exhausted from preparing for "V's" visit - you know, taking care of all the shopping while my husband did all the hard work redecorating. At the same time, my p.r.n. job needed me to work both Thursday and Friday, and Friday evening we had a potluck dinner with the other visiting German students and host families. So, I welcomed the horribly rainy and thundery Saturday and sat in the easy chair for hours early Saturday morning reading The Farm Chicks cookbook while Michael took the girls to the mall -- bless him!

The FC cookbook includes a blackberry cobbler recipe. At the holidays, my friend gave me a jar of Cracker Barrel Blackberry Cobbler filling, so I popped that in the bottom of the baking dish and mixed up the crumbly topping of the recipe, and it turned out great.
If you have a Cracker Barrel restaurant by you or travel by one anytime, you should run in and try the fillings. Not too sweet and very tasty. Anyway, a little vanilla ice cream for me -- Tofutti for the lactose intolerant people in my house, and we had a very cozy dessert for late afternoon.


I managed a little sewing, too. I finished this pretty 3T dress with applique but I haven't been able to photograph it well. Despite the gloomy weather - though the sun is glorious today, I can't photograph tall items easily. For most of my items, I can lay them out on my poster-foam board photo set, and they look just fine. However, I haven't found a good place to hang a garment. Any good ideas? I mean, I know I can hang it from a doorknob, but all our doors are hardwood and stained, and the walls are colors, so that doesn't make a good backdrop.


There are a number of dachshund lovers in my family, and I came across this really nice fabric recently that I thought I should have on hand. Brightly sweatered little dachshunds all in a row. I thought lunch bags would be a good spot for these guys. I'm working on having a list of quick teacher gift items to have available for the spring rush. Camille and "V" absconded two of the ones I made for the shop and have been using them at school. A very nice compliment, indeed.


I have to say that "V" is such a doll. She and Camille get along so nicely. "V's" English is very good, and we have had a lot of fun with her. My son has been home from college EVERY DAY since her arrival. Friday, she is going to University with him and visit his English and German Mythology classes. There they are playing Wii above at the potlock dinner on Friday evening.
The one funny thing that WE have to get used to is she says, "This is so much food!" You know, we Americans eat a lot and often! Plus, of course, southern hospitality requires us offering lots of choices. Anyway, she told us she has toast for breakfast, a break/snack at school of fruit and maybe bread and butter, then home for lunch/dinner with her family - the big meal of the day, and then maybe a snack at night. Amazing! She looks gorgeous and healthy and eats so little. That tells me a lot about how we overdo it.

One more funny story, just to remember it: Yesterday, after church, I sent the kids to McAlister's Deli for lunch so "V" could get a nice salad. Cody tells me when he gets home that they helped her choose a sandwich -- because the choices are so many there. The meal is delivered, "V" is surprised at the size of her sandwich, and Camille grabs up the potato chips that come along with it, opens them up, and dumps them out in the sandwich basket, at which "V" looks shocked! Turns out, chips are for when one goes to the movie, sort of like popcorn. Certainly not with a meal!

So, last night, Michael planned a big pasta and vegetable meal, but I told her not to worry about eating it for "dinner." Tomorrow (which is today), when she and Camille get home from school, they can make up the left overs and have the one big meal of the day. I think she was relieved!


Nanette Merrill said...

That dress looked like a cute apron to me at first. It is darling. Fun stuff at your house.

Chris Worthy said...

OK, I am going to ignore that reality check of my diet. :)

Anyway, you need to freeze blackberries this summer. I have read that they don't freeze well, but we did it anyway. We just added some sugar to each bag and it worked perfectly - blackberry cobbler all year round. (I don't eat like V, sadly.)

The Blonde Duck said...

It looks like ya'll had a great time! Good dessert, good meals, cute dress!

Mel said...

ok the cobbler yummy!!!!!!

kristie said...

an idea for photographing the little dresses and such: get an old door from thrift store/rehab center and paint it however you like, put a nice coathook on it, prop it up in your studio and there you have it! OR you could achieve a similar effect by getting 3 old shutters, painting them, hinging together and having a sort of screen to display/photo clothes on...if i have any more ideas, i'll let you know.

LisaShaw said...

Hi Michele, You left a message on one of my blogs. I thought I'd pop over and visit.

I'll have to search around a bit. Love the photos.

You found me via Mel and she is a dear friend of mine.

I look forward to getting to know you better.

God bless you.

Regina said...

Your aprons and bag are so cute~ and that cobbler! YUM! Haven't made a cobbler in a while- may have to soon

Anonymous said...