Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Special Delivery from the UK!

Jenny's Mug Swap

Last month, I participated in a mug swap hosted by Jenny of jennyflower. She organized a round robin swap, and I was happily surprised upon opening my package that Jenny chose me as her partner.

mug swap set

She was so sweet to pay special attention to my blog and my preference of Diet Coke rather than coffee or tea. We were to include some coffee or tea packets, so she sent darling little coke bottle candies and hot chocolate instead. Very nice! She noted that I enjoy hand and machine embroidery and included a number of interesting embroidery threads and embellishments and a little pattern for a fiber embroidery. I haven't done that before.

mug swap set

See the pretty handmade potholder. The colors are perfect to set out with our coffee and tea service for company. Look at the pretty little knitted pincushion. That's definitely something I can't make for myself, as I don't knit well.

Jenny's Mug Swap

And here is something I was most happy to see -- fabrics from England. There is a perfect mix here to make a patchworked item. These will go well with some fall embroidery designs I've ordered.

Quilted Embroidered Hot Pad

My partner was Leslie of ethel and edna. My swapt gift to her is the quilted coffee mat and tea wallet above. Leslie and her family traveled to Egypt for vacation while I was keeping up with her blog, which I found very interesting. Here in the U.S., we run to Florida or the Gulf Coast or maybe Mexico for quick vacations, and several British bloggers I read have run off to Egypt and Morocco and Spain for getaways!
Thanks, Jenny, for organizing this swap. It was great fun for me, because I stretched my skills a bit with quilting the potholder above and learning to make the tea wallets, which I adore! -- and I was able to meet two new and interesting, blogging crafters in England.


Abby and Stephanie said...

Terrific polka dot mug and fabrics. Very nice swap package. Sounds like a fun swap. I first learned about it from Terri at Purple and Paisley.

Hayleybryn said...

Wht a fun package to receive! I love all of the fabrics and the mug. Darling!


jennyflowerblue said...

Really glad you got your parcel safe and sound. I loved putting together something just for you! Will keep an eye out for that fabric in the future! xx

babies said...

that's so sweet and thoughtful, to send you cola-shaped candy instead of tea. the fabric combination is lovely, too, it could be either coffee-, tea- or cola-colored. have fun with your gift and please blog about what you are going to make out of the fabric.

Anonymous said...

Cool swap idea, I missed that one. Great job on the coffee mat, nice detail work. Thanks!