Monday, March 16, 2009

Orders Up!

This first week without transcription work to do at home has begun with a number of custom orders, thankfully.

Name embroidered on fabric square for quilt

Michelle sent these beautiful solids to me to have them embroidered with some special little ones' names. She has quilts for them in the works, and these will be incorporated into the quilt squares. This embroidery font is Vintage Chloe, and you can find it and the other embroidery fonts I have in my mishflicks set. It's a fun script and looks great superimposed over the large initial.

Custom Embroidered A-line dress

Here is a little A-line dress I made this week. It's reversible and monogrammed. The other side is here. I had to work out how to get the monogram to show up on such busy fabric. All my recent applique work gave me the idea to applique an oval down under the monogram frame, and voila!

Monogrammed A-line Dress

I think it looks beautiful. This pretty font is called "cursive." I really have to figure out how to photograph clothing better. I have an idea to use a beaded-board panel painted white and capped off with some moulding. Then, I think I can add a decorative hook in the center and have a great backdrop for long items.
Two orders came in for the zebra fabric in my calicodaisy shop. That was a nice surprise, since I wasn't sure how selling these lengths of fabric was going to go. However, the very day I read a blog posting from an on-line fabric store owner who was lamenting she was out of Jennifer Paganelli's zebra stripe print, I had just spotted this black and white zebra and giraffe fabric at one of my local stores. I went back and bought up what I could to have on hand. I'm also planning to make some totebags with the zebra pattern. I bought pink and green twill to use for the bottom section of the bags and intend to embroider a pink and green design on the bag itself.

What is your favorite iron? Mine is making me crazy. The last two irons I had were fantastic, but the same brand just isn't offering the same quality, and I find that sometimes the steam sizzles out and leaves watermarks I can't remove! Any advice would be appreciated!


Abby and Stephanie said...

I was going to do a post on Friday about irons. I'm ready to throw mine out the window. I'll be checking the comments to see what your readers say.

jennyflowerblue said...

Thank you Mihelle! I have just received your most fabulous pack of fabric. I am so pleased, you are naughty! Thank you, thank you xxx

Jami said...

I too was going iron crazy buying up expensive Rowentas and such to only have them die just a quickly as the old Sunbeams or something. I recently purchased a Shark basic model at Fred Meyer...after visiting all of the sewing stores and pricing. This Shark was $40 and steams better than my Rowenta did and is self-cleaning and I leave the water in it for days and no problem!

Gayle said...

I've given up on Rowenta irons - they cost a lot and don't last more than a year or two. My favorite irons now are small, old vintage ones! They're wonderful and I buy them whenever I come across one at a thrift store.